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Join Tigers for Tigers today to #ProtectOurMascots


College Football Playoff National Championship

#1 Clemson Tigers vs #2 Alabama Crimson Tide

Less than 3200 Wild Tigers Remain.

96 Elephants are Killed Each Day.

Together, we can #ProtectOurMascots.

On Monday, January 11th, Clemson University and the University of Alabama faced off for the

College Football Playoff National Championship.

It's was the Big Game.


What's the one thing an Alabama fan and a Clemson fan can agree on? 


Who has the best fans?

Who has the best stadium?

Who has the best fight song?

Who has the best uniforms?

Who has the best tailgate?


Hell no!


The one thing they can agree on... It is their love for their team and for their mascots.


If you love your mascot, you need to protect your mascot.


Our mascots may be winning on the field, but they are losing the Big Game in the wild.

96 elephants are killed each day. 

Less than 3200 wild tigers remain.


But here is the good news: There are millions of fans who are ready to take a stand for their wild mascots.


The National Tigers for Tigers Coalition, Clemson Tigers for Tigers, and Alabama Tide for Tusks  ignited passionate fans to #ProtectOurMascots during the game. 


As a result of our efforts, we reached 1,000,000 fans and gained tremendous support and recognition from Clemson University and the University of Alabama. 


Thank you!


Join our movement to #ProtectOurMascots


Clemson Tigers for Tigers

Clemson Tigers for Tigers is a student-led organization established in 1997 dedicated to preserving tigers through education, advocacy, research, and service learning on local and global levels.


Their goals are to increase awareness and interest in tiger-range countries and enhance Clemson University’s reputation for social responsibility and public service.


Clemson Tigers for Tigers engages in philanthropy projects to raise funds in support of key on-the-ground tiger conservation projects.


Each year, students have the opportunity to travel to India to view tigers in the wild and learn first-hand about the complex conservation issues surrounding tigers.


The tiger is a powerful, unifying symbol for thousands of Clemson students, alumni, staff, and friends. Its roar is heard at sporting events, and its paw prints line the highways to campus. Clemson has a tremendous amount of pride for our mascot, and we want to extend our efforts to save the endangered tiger in the wild.



Tide for Tusks

Tide For Tusks is a University of Alabama student led initiative to raise awareness for poaching of African elephants and promote a deeper understanding of the trafficking of endangered wildlife.


Through Tide For Tusks, University of Alabama students are engaged in a global issue.  They work directly with the African Wildlife Trust and Ivory Orphans in Tanzania to carry out service learning and scholarly research projects that are of practical use and result in higher quality learning opportunities.


It is only with the conscientious support of the University of Alabama students, faculty, staff and administrators – who deeply believe in protecting a keystone species like the African elephant – that we can become a part of the solution to save a wildlife icon for future generations.


The University of Alabama is a flagship school for our state and the UA mascot qualifies as a flagship species for attracting support of conservation efforts.  We all know what Big Al represents for us!

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