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Congress Works to Keep Tigers and Other Wildlife Happy!

Last weekend, the House and Senate passed the appropriations bills to fund the government for 2015, which is GREAT news for tigers!

The National T4T Coalition and a few T4T members traveled to Washington D.C. in September to meet with their Senators to advocate for more funding to support international wildlife.

We asked Congressional leaders to allocate $10 million to support USFWS-International’s programs. Thankfully USFWS-International received $9.1 million to continue supporting conservation efforts. Within the $9.1 million, $2.4 million will be allocated to the Rhino and Tiger Fund. Awesome news for both tigers and rhinos!

Some of this money is used to support our partner Tiger Trust in India who conducts multiple women forest guard trainings to reduce human-wildlife conflict issues in central India. Click here to learn more about how USFWS-International is assisting Tiger Trust’s programs.

The National T4T Coalition also asked Congress to allocate $50 million within the Department of State to combat wildlife trafficking, a $5 million increase from last year. The good news is that USAID received $55 million to address these issues, of which $10 million will be used to combat rhino poaching.

“It made me realize how much is being done at the federal level, and how many more opportunities remain to make an even greater impact,” said Taylor Tench of Clemson University after his trip to Washington D.C. with Tigers for Tigers.

It is a great week for tigers and international wildlife thanks our T4T clubs and your support by raising your voice for our mascot. A special thanks to the National Wildlife Refuge Association for assisting us on our D.C. trips!

You can continue to show your support for tigers over the holidays by purchasing your Tiger Stamps at your local post office or online. Click here to learn more about our recent trip to Washington D.C. with our students!

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