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Aubie, He's a Real Cool Cat!

Big cats are known to be ferocious, fierce, and wild. They are said to be untamable and inhumane. That could not be untrue for Auburn University’s well-known cat, Aubie. Not only is he popular on the plains; however, he is one of the most vivacious mascots in the country. He will be the first mascot ever inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame!! True, Aubie is not a real tiger, but to Auburn he couldn’t be more real. “It is often said women love him, children adore him, and men want to be him.” As an Auburn student, I could not find that any more inspiring. One character can unite the entire university. Just as Aubie brings the Auburn family together, Tigers for Tigers is working to unify universities to come together to save wild tigers; we all are tigers, and take great pride in it, but without the tiger where would we be?

Aubie is in his 36th season of leading the spirit of Auburn. He started off as a cartoon character, who appeared on his first Auburn football program in 1959. Eventually, his appearance on the football programs were believed to be good luck charms, for Auburn had been victorious for the first nine games of that season!!

1979. The year Aubie came to life.

He appeared at a basketball tournament, and led Auburn to an upset against Vanderbilt for his first real-life performance. We could call it luck, but we could also call it fate. In Auburn, we could definitely call it heart.

Aubie supports all athletic and academic achievements through Auburn University. He has become a symbol of hope for the Auburn fans and students.

Parker Bell, a sophomore at Auburn University says, “Aubie is the heart of Auburn; from appearing at football games to supporting students during finals week…He never fails to uplift our spirits. The Auburn Family loves our reigning Capital One Mascot Challenge Champion!”

What does Aubie mean to me? To a “non-Auburn dweller”, he may simply look like a mascot. To an Alabama fan, he may look like a threat. But to me, Aubie is our tiger. He’s not just a football symbol, and he’s not just a mascot. He is the tiger, the one who never gives up hope, the one who cheers on Auburn until the end, and the one who has never missed an opportunity to inspire us. If he means all that to me, a sophomore student, can you imagine what he means to the whole university? The whole Auburn fan-base?

What about tigers? Aubie is just one. But he has impacted so many lives by being just one. Auburn is not the only tiger school out there, what about all of those tigers? We call ourselves tigers, but do we really know what that means? Yes, a tiger is ferocious and wild, but a tiger is also strong. A tiger is majestic. A tiger is fearless. That’s why we are the Auburn Tigers. That’s why we are Tigers for Tigers. It’s now our turn to inspire and impact as tigers, to save the real ones. For they are the ones who made their name great. It’s time to live up to their name. Join Tigers for Tigers today!

Go tigers!

Jessie Schieler, Auburn T4T

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