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Join Tigers for Tigers today to #ProtectOurMascots

Global Tiger Day was a Roaring Success!

Thank you so much to our partners and friends who joined us on July 29th to celebrate Global Tiger Day! It was a roaring success! Individuals and organizations from around the global came together, utilized the hash-tag #WhereRtheTigers, and distributed our cartoon about U.S. efforts to address poaching and wildlife trafficking.

I want to take the time to thank Judy Mills, Author of Blood of the Tiger, Debbie Banks, Senior Campaigner for theEnvironmental Investigation Agency, Paul Taylor, Paul Taylor LLC, Trey Riedmayer, Carrah Lingo, Taylor Tench and theRefuge Association for their hard work and support. Sincerely, thank you!

However, there is more work to be done and frankly we need your help! Support the Global Anti-Poaching Act (H.R. 2494) to increase enforcement tools for U.S. agencies to tackle organized crime syndicates and to provide technical training to aid foreign wildlife officials to fight wildlife trade.

We have to save our mascot from extinction and the Global Anti-Poaching Act needs our support in Congress.

Click Here - Support the Global Anti-Poaching Act Today

Go Tigers,


National Coordinator

National T4T Coalition


PS - A special thanks to our friends and colleagues from the following organizations who supported our efforts:

Judy Mills – Blood of the Tiger

National Wildlife Refuge Association

Environmental Investigation Agency

Save Wild Tigers

CNN International

Tiger Time

Kids for Tigers

Sanctuary Asia

Tigers in the Forest

Tiger Nation

TOFT Tigers

Tiger Trust

Wildlife Protection Society of India

Born Free USA

Trinity University

Clemson University

Louisiana State University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Education for Nature – Vietnam

Outreach for Animals

Big Cat Rescue

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