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Welcome Back Tigers for Tigers Members!

Our T4T tigers are back in school and ready to start off the year stronger than ever! Every year, each T4T club elects a representative to sit on our National Liaison Committee to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

Members of the liaison committee play a very special role for us at the National T4T Coalition. Every T4T club has a unique set of skills and experiences that they are able to share with other T4T clubs fostering new ideas and opportunities. We wish to welcome our new T4T liaisons to the team and we look forward to working with all of you! Meet a few of our T4T liaisons below!

Caitlyn Blake-Hedges

I will be a senior graduating this upcoming May; my major is Microbiology with a minor in Psychology. I’m very interested in research related to human disease and I plan to go to graduate school to study immunology. I’m a strong advocate for animal rights and now have a personal interest to help tigers thanks to Clemson and T4T. In my free time I like to read, play soccer, and spend days on the lake with my friends.

Abby Aldred

Clemson University T4T

I graduate this year (May '16) with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Music. I'm from North Augusta, SC. I am obsessed with performing music, petting cats, and making brownies. I particularly enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon videos on YouTube and marathoning on Lord of the Rings!

Matt Miles

I play soccer on the Varsity Soccer team and enjoy solving puzzles like the Rubik's cube for speed (speed-solving). I've also been involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee at RIT for the past few years.

Krista Tock

I am a sophomore at the University of Missouri-Columbia (aka Mizzou.). I am majoring in Animal Sciences with a minor in Captive Wild Animal Management. I hope to go to grad school to get a master's degree in genetics, conservation, or in a related field. This is my second year in T4T. I have been the liaison for a little over a semester and now I will be the secretary for the upcoming school year. I wanted to join a club where I could actually help make a difference in the real world and T4T allows me to do that. I love to get involved and keep myself busy. Besides T4T, I am also in a service sorority called Little Sisters of the Gold Rose., but T4T is by far the best club I see myself growing and expanding my knowledge with. I am very excited for this upcoming year and getting even more involved in the T4T community!

Shelby Woods

Colorado College T4T

I am the current President of the Colorado College club of T4T. I am graduating this fall (2016) with a degree in Organismal Biology and Ecology. My hometown is Powell, Ohio. I love to backpack, read, cook, travel, and do yoga in my free time!

Katie Iser

My name is Katie Iser and I am the current President and Liaison for Towson's T4T. I am a junior from Silver Spring, Maryland, majoring in Biology, with a focus on organismal biology and ecology. I am passionate about wildlife conservation and enjoy working with domestic and wild animals. I cherish our T4T club because of its passionate members and great capability to make a difference. I am very excited about this upcoming year and can't wait to see what our team can accomplish!

Nicole Stagg

Through my experiences at LSU, with the National Coalition, and in India my love for tigers and conservation efforts in general have continually grown by leaps and bounds in the last 3 years. I could never express just how much Tigers for Tigers has changed my life and shaped me for the better. Tigers for Tigers taught me just how much making a difference matters to me and I plan to work in advocacy and conservation efforts when I graduate. Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me the last three years and welcome to all of those who are new. Some might describe me as old-fashioned but I love that about myself. I love looking at antiques (and enjoying a quite morning of coffee).

Jessie Schieler

I’m an upcoming sophomore at Auburn University, and I’m changing my major from Organismal Biology to Secondary Science Education. In more comprehensible words, I want to be a high school zoology teacher. Tigers for Tigers made me realize how much I do enjoy working in the science field, but not as the scientist. It’s important in an organization to have strengths in various disciplines so you can reach out to different people, who are united by a shared passion!

Welcome T4T liaisons!

All the best,

Sean Carnell

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