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Join Tigers for Tigers today to #ProtectOurMascots

LSU and Auburn Tigers for Tigers clubs will rally tiger fans at this weekend's Tigers for Tigers

Now who is the better tiger, LSU or Auburn? LSU and Auburn will battle it out on the football field on September 19th in Death Valley to determine which tiger team reigns supreme in the SEC. Don’t worry Missouri, we’re still thinking about you!

Auburn has not won a game at LSU since 1999 and after last week’s performance against Jacksonville State, Auburn will have to improve their defense against LSU’s all-star, Leonard Fournette.

The upcoming tiger game is a great opportunity for our T4T clubs and universities to join forces and to show their tiger pride. Two year ago, LSU T4T hosted a tailgate party and Mike the Mascot showed up to gave his support. This year, the LSU T4T will host a similar event and our newly revived Auburn T4T club members will join them!

Kelsey Koppelberger of LSU T4T said, “We are very excited about hosting the tailgate this weekend and are looking forward to having Auburn join us. It is a great way to showcase the two passions of the club; school spirit and conservation. Tiger pride and tiger conservation go hand and hand, we support our teams and we support tigers in the wild. Geaux Tigers!”

To support their wild mascot, LSU T4T members will raffle off two tickets to the upcoming LSU vs. Texas A&M football game on November 28th, 2015 and an LSU jersey from the great Leonard Fournette! It’s a great way to rally true LSU tiger fans and students to support their cause.

Proceeds from the raffle will support efforts in central India to create a functioning wildlife corridor between India’s two iconic national parks, Pench and Kanha. While each of these parks provide excellent tiger habitat and protection, their success depends on the ability of tigers to travel between the two parks. With India’s intense population growth pressure, the threat of fragmentation by development in this landscape is urgent, and would severely compromise the habitat quality in both parks. Funds raised will be used to secure land to support the Pench-Kanha corridor. For more information about the corridor, click here!

For more information about the tailgate and upcoming event, you will be able to find more information on their facebook page below.

Last spring, LSU Tigers for Tigers hosted the 3rd Annual National T4T Summit and it was a fantastic success! T4T leaders and tiger experts from across the globe gathered at LSU to take action to #SaveOurMascot. For more information about LSU Tigers for Tigers, visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

Geaux Tigers!

Sean Carnel

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