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Tigers for Tigers Celebrates 2015!

As 2015 comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments over the past semester. The Fall 2015 semester was yet another semester of growth for the Tigers for Tigers program as the student organizations gained new members and established new partnerships. Our Tigers for Tigers students worked incredibly hard at their respective colleges across the country to raise awareness, generate funds, advocate for tiger conservation, and enhance their leadership skills.

Adding New Members to the Tiger Tribe

The Tigers for Tigers student organizations did a fantastic job recruiting 50 new members this past fall. The increase in membership has allowed the individual clubs to undertake larger conservation efforts and reach a greater number of students, faculty, alumni, and fans.

Auburn Tigers for Tigers exhibited the largest growth out of all the student organizations from 2 to 20 dedicated students, thanks to the leadership of their two founding members. They have come a long way since holding the title of the smallest Tigers for club last year, and their dedicated students are already making a huge impact for tiger conservation.

Establishing New Partnerships

As the Tigers for Tigers student organizations continue to grow across the country, they have been able to establish new partnerships with their university administrations, local business, and tiger sanctuaries and AZA zoos.

This fall, Clemson Tigers for Tigers began a new partnership with Big Cat Rescue, a world-renown big cat rescue facility located in Tampa, Florida. 14 students travelled to Big Cat Rescue to spend a weekend volunteering at the facility to assist with maintenance and upkeep, ensuring the tigers and other big cats continue to receive the top-quality care they have grown accustomed to.

Raising Awareness

Over 60 Tigers for Tigers events were hosted on college campuses across the country to educate students, faculty, alumni, and fans about tigers and the importance of conserving our wild mascot.

One of the most significant awareness events was the first joint Tigers for Tigers club tailgate hosted by LSU Tigers for Tigers for their university’s football game against Auburn University. Auburn Tigers for Tigers students traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to join students from LSU in a fun day tailgating on their beautiful campus. Throughout the day, the students met with fellow tailgaters to discuss the plight of their shared mascot and educate tiger fans on how they can help make a difference for wild tigers.

Generating Funds

Tigers for Tigers students collectively raised over $5600 to support tiger conservation efforts during the fall semester. Most of the money was generated during the 2nd Annual National Tiger Awareness Week.

During this week, Towson Tigers for Tigers hosted their first Wing Eating Contest fundraiser. They held the competition at a well-known restaurant on Towson’s campus, and offered fun games and prizes to those in attendance. Towson Tigers for Tigers raised $1000 at this event to support tiger conservation efforts in central India.

Advocating for Tigers

2015 was a big year for conservation policy. Three anti-trafficking bills were introduced in Congress, the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 3546) was reintroduced, and the Multinational Species Conservation Funds were awarded an increase in funding thanks to advocates like our Tigers for Tigers members who expressed their concerns for tiger conservation to their Congressional leaders in Washington.

RIT Tigers for Tigers established a new Policy Officer position in their club this year, and conducted their first advocacy event during Tiger Awareness Week. In a single afternoon, they obtained over 175 signatures urging their Senators to support the Global Anti-Poaching Act (H.R. 2494).

Developing Leaders

In October, the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition sponsored our first annual leadership conference held at beautiful Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge in Charleston, South Carolina.

Students from six tiger mascot universities attended the two-day conference where they learned from conservation professionals and honed their leadership skills through interactive workshops. Bringing the students together from across the country provided a critical opportunity for the students to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s experiences, fostering a more collaborative environment for our Tigers for Tigers members. Click here to see the photos.

Thank You Tigers for Tigers could never have accomplished all that it has without our wonderful partners. The assistance from the administrations at our tiger mascot universities and our partners here in Washington has been invaluable. Their help and support has been critical to the growth and success Tigers for Tigers, not just for this past semester, but ever since our inception in April 2013. We would like to extend a special thank you to the National Wildlife Refuge Association for all that they have done and continue to do to support Tigers for Tigers.

Finally, thank you to our dedicated students and our incredible partners for making the Fall 2015 semester the best one yet. We can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in the Spring of 2016!

Go Tigers!

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