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Tigers for Tigers

3200 tigers remain in the wild. As fans of tiger mascot colleges, we will save our mascot from extinction.

"Tigers for Tigers is putting the spirit of several schools into action to save our mascots. It is one of the best ideas Clemson students ever had." - James Barker, Clemson University President Emeritus

How We Save Tigers

How We Save Tigers

Ignite Tiger Fans

We harness the passion of our fans to save wild tigers. 

Unite Colleges

We bridge the gap between athetlic departments, administrations and academic programs.

Develop Leaders

We prepare future leaders in conservation, policy, communications and more.

Tigers in the Wild

3200 Tigers Remain in the Wild

Down 97% since the year 1900, it is critical that we take action today to reverse the decline of wild tigers.

“It is me who is inspired by people like you in Tigers for Tigers.” – Bryan Arroyo, Associate Director of USFWS-International Affairs

Connect Affinity

We Are All Tigers

As true tiger fans, it is our collective responsibility to save wild tigers from extinction. The tiger is our identity. Together we can save our mascot!

"The tiger represents what our school embodies. It would be detrimental to lose them in the wild, and it would be disheartening to lose that image for Auburn." – Jessie Schieler, Auburn Tigers for Tigers

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