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Develop Leaders

Tigers for Tigers prepares students for careers in conservation, policy, communications, and more.

"As I spend more time with people that truly care about animals, I realize that I can make a huge difference through policy, education, and outreach." – Diane Dotson, Clemson Tigers for Tigers

Develop Student Leaders

Developing Future Leaders

Students learn how to effectively communicate complex issues through political advocacy, grassroots campaigns, and education. They are able to network with conservation professionals from government agencies and NGOs to learn how to advocate, manage, fundraise, and communicate on behalf of endangered species conservation.

"Interning at Clark's River National Widlife Refuge forced me to become a better biologist and has assured me that I am in the right field of study. I gained a tremendous amount of work experience." – Robin Lloyd, Auburn Tigers for Tigers

Opportunities for Students

Attend National Events

Students network and train with leading conservation professionals.

Internship Opportunities

Tigers for Tigers students can apply for competitive conservation internships.

Travel to Capitol Hill

Students gain experience in the political process as they work to save tigers.

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