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RIT Tigers for Tigers Raises Over $5,500 for Tiger Conservation Efforts

On October 18th, RIT T4T raised over $5,500 for conservation efforts at the sold out Brick City Homecoming men’s hockey game against Boston College in Rochester, NY.

Prior to the game, RIT Tigers for Tigers produced one of a kind warm-up jerseys for the men’s hockey players that would be auctioned off throughout the game. In conjunction with the jerseys, RIT T4T produced a jumbo-tron asset and scripts for the announcer that was shown to more than 10,500 tiger fans to generate mass awareness for the cause and their club.

Despite the loss to Boston College, (2-6), the morale and spirit of the fans was alive! Jersey bids started at $100 but quickly soared! Within the first period RIT’s starting goalie, Jordan Ruby’s jersey sold for $500! By the beginning of the second period, every jersey had a bid. Throughout the game alumni, families and fans kept checking back in. By the end of the auction, fans were fighting over the pens to get their last bids in, proving their RIT Tiger spirit.

Tigers for Tigers College Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

No matter where you are in the country, the tiger spirit is there! Tigers for Tigers elevates school pride and provides opportunities for tiger fans to do something positive for their mascot. “It’s cool to channel all of the positive energy we have for our athletic teams to see the bigger picture," Matt Miles, RIT T4T, president. This connection of the spirit we share for our mascot, to making a difference for our mascot in the wild is what Tigers for Tigers is all about.

At the same time, our students are building a foundation of critical job skills and experiences necessary for future careers. Peter Couttes of RIT T4T said, “It was great to see something go from an idea to a finished product. As a mechanical engineering major, engineering is all about coming up with an idea to solving a problem and implementing a solution. I definitely saw a similar pattern here." Students are recognizing that Tigers for Tigers is more than an on-campus organization, Tigers for Tigers is a movement that is truly making a difference while preparing them for their future.

We are extremely proud of RIT Tigers for Tigers, and we can’t wait to take this experience forward. Great job guys! Go Tigers!

Learn more about RIT T4T’s unique experiences here!

Check out their awesome Public Service Announcement!

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