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College Daze: Costa Rica, Beyonce, and Saving Tigers!

Trinity University T4T had a very successful fall semester by finding ways to reach out and give back to their community. During Tiger Awareness Week, Trinity T4T raised $200 in hopes to support the tiger habitat of the San Antonio Zoo. Throughout the semester, they worked with multiple student organizations, not only to educate their peers about their mascot; but also, to bring student groups together at their holiday-themed events and t-shirt giveaway.

Tito Sandigo is a junior, double major in Business Administration: Marketing and Theater with a minor in Spanish at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

“What’s great about Trinity are the academics, and the tight-knit community on campus. We get to know everyone on a closer level and really enjoy it,” Tito Sandigo, Trinity T4T leader.

As Tito is enjoying his winter vacation in Costa Rica with his sister, we talk about T4T.

S: We like to do these fun questions at the beginning before we get into T4T. Describe your college experience in three words.

T: Hmm… Life changing, I don’t want to say stressful, but challenging, and superb!

S: What is your favorite college-themed movie?

T: Let me think…would the Social Network count? That would work, which is fantastic, and I love Accepted.

S: Those are awesome, now on to Tigers for Tigers! How did you get involved with Tigers for Tigers?

T: I found out about Tigers for Tigers through my sister, Gabriela Sandigo who founded Trinity T4T as a result of meeting you in Costa Rica! I was a little skeptical at first, just because I didn’t know what it was, but it opened my eyes about the plight of tigers – which matters to me because I really enjoy animals. Knowing that such a regal creature was going extinct is just terrifying! So I was happy to find out that she was able to make it an official club on campus, and that is how I became involved.

S: It’s amazing to see how the relationship between your sister and I, from a study abroad program, turned into a T4T club at Trinity. What kept you interested?

T: It’s because I saw that no one was doing anything about it except for a few other people. For me to inspire others to get this whole movement on-board with as many people as possible, kept me interested with the idea of actually making a difference, and to be a part of something that other people my age are involved in is exciting.

S: Do you see any overlap between your major and Tigers for Tigers?

T: Yes, I see it in terms of marketing our organization on campus, and within our small Trinity community. From the business perspective, I’m gaining a greater perspective on the importance of building connections with others.

S: So what are you looking forward to with Tigers for Tigers this semester?

T: Definitely having more events and getting more of our community involved, and along with the opportunity for our members to attend the upcoming summit at LSU.

S: What advice do you have for other T4T members and leaders?

T: Stay determined. Keep up the motivation levels of your members, and remember why we started what we are doing: to save our mascot.

S: One more question before we head out...What is your favorite college anthem to listen to before you go out?

T: Definitely Beyoncé. Of Course! Well right now, 7-11. That’s a good one.

To find more information about Trinity Tigers for Tigers, please visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. Go tigers!

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