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3rd Annual National Tigers for Tigers Summit to be Hosted at LSU

The National Tigers for Tigers Coalition, a group of college students across the country who are rallying behind their tiger mascot, will be holding its 3rd Annual National Tigers for Tigers Summit at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana April 16-19. The Summit will be comprised of a star speaker lineup of the top conservation and marketing professionals in the industry, team-building activities and an all around great time getting pumped up to #MakeARoar for our mascot, the tiger!

Established at Clemson University in April, 2012, the National T4T Coalition has grown to 12 universities across the country ranging from big football schools like LSU to ivy league institutions such as Princeton University, reaching all the way to non-tiger mascot schools such as University of South Carolina.

“The National T4T Summit is an opportunity for our students to celebrate their accomplishments and network with world-renowned conservation professionals,” said Sean Carnell, National Coordinator for the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition.

A few of the guest speakers include Bryan Arroyo who serves as the Assistant Director of International Affairs of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Paul Taylor who is an ex Global Exec for Coca-Cola and founder and CEO of Global Citizen Consulting, and LSU Mike the Tiger’s veterinarian Dr. Baker.

“We have a fantastic line-up of presenters for the event who will be able to speak on a broad range of issues from international wildlife trafficking to building a local constituency for conservation. They are truly inspiring, and we look forward to spending time with them at the event.” Carnell said.

If you are an alumni, student, faculty, staff or fan of a tiger mascot school, please email us at to see how you can get involved and inspire others to do the same!

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