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Join Tigers for Tigers today to #ProtectOurMascots

Celebrate Global Tiger Day #WhereRtheTigers?

Happy Global Tiger Day! It’s finally here – the day when the world stops briefly to appreciate, learn about, and take action for the tiger.

You may have already noticed that T4T has taken advantage of Global Tiger Day to launch a social media campaign using the hashtag #WhereRtheTigers? “Where are the tigers?” can be applied to multiple dimensions of tiger conservation and together we ask you to join our campaign.

Where are the tigers in the wild?

As most of us already know, tigers are found throughout the continent of Asia. Unfortunately, less than 3,200 remain, and those that do are split up into many small populations facing numerous threats including habitat loss and poaching.

Where are the tigers, as in where are the students, faculty, alumni, and fans who call themselves tigers?

There are 450,000 students alone who call themselves tigers in the U.S., and when you include faculty, alumni, and fans that number well surpasses one million. We have the potential to use our collective voice to achieve great things for tigers! We can inspire and empower others to make a difference for tigers.

Right now, the easiest way we can work together to help tigers is by urging Congress to pass the Global Anti-Poaching Act (HR 2494). This bill, currently in the House of Representatives, will give the United States increased tools to combat wildlife trafficking by increasing penalties for committing wildlife trafficking crimes, supporting anti-poaching efforts in countries around the world, and providing support for wildlife law enforcement in countries with severe poaching problems.

So far today we’ve received support from individuals and organizations across the world using our hashtag #WhereRtheTigers, including the UK, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. This amazing support from the global community underlines how important tigers are not just to those of use who when to tiger mascot schools, but to people around the world.

To further drive the message home this Global Tiger Day, we are releasing an exclusive cartoon, see above, depicting the different views of tiger conservation in the U.S. and China.

Where are the tigers in China?

Did you know that there are 6,000 captive tigers in China being farmed for their parts? China’s trade in tiger skins and tiger bone wine undermines international conservation efforts by allowing a legal market to launder poached tiger parts. The United States needs to continue to take action to address the global poaching crisis by passing legislation that will set an example to the world by taking a leadership role in international wildlife conservation.

Global Tiger Day is an exciting time to appreciate our mascot and celebrate our identity as tigers. Just as importantly, those of us who call ourselves tigers need to take action and do what we can to save our mascot so future generations will never have to ask the question, “Where are the tigers?”

Please click on this link to sign the letter to tell your Congressmen to pass the Global Anti-Poaching Act today!

Please download and distribute our cartoon on Facebook and Twitter, and use the hashtag #WhereRtheTigers?

Thank you tiger fans and happy Global Tiger Day!

Taylor Tench

National T4T Coalition Policy Intern

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